Smarano Organ Academy 2019

29th July 2019, Concert Hall Smarano, 9pm:
Partimento Concert
Nicoleta Paraschivescu & Derek Remes, Harpsichord and Organ

30th July 2019, Book Presentation:
«Giovanni Paisiello’s Partimenti»

Reviews about Book & CD

Basso continuo solo 
Christine LanzConcerto-Das Magazin für Alte Musik Nr. 285 (05/06 2019)


Paisiellos Partimenti als Grundlage
für ausgearbeitete Kompositionen
Remy Franck, (pizzicato 14.02.2019)



«Her playing…is agreeably feisty, forthright and conspicuously vibrant, as she approaches the music with the unstoppable assuredness of a local Vespa aficionado negotiating the bustling alleys of Naples. […] The result, dashingly executed, vividly imagined, is a breath of fresh air.» PDF Review


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